Saturday, June 18, 2011

PR Friendly

Are you interested in having a product or service featured in a review, giveaway, or both?  Are you a fellow blogger interested in sponsoring a giveaway to get more exposure for your site?  Tiny Finger Prints would love to do just that for you as long as it is family-friendly.

About the Reviewer (Tiny Finger Prints Herself):
I’m a 24-year-old female who has been married for 3 years. My husband Mike and I have three children. Ryan is 5, Rachel is 3 and Reid is 1 month(As of 7/17/11). We also have a family friend that lives with us, Mark who is 24.  Between us we have 2 Jack Russel dogs, 1 cat, 1 African grey Parrot and 1 fresh water fish.  I love trying out new items and seeing what works best to help me achieve my desired easy-going, healthier lifestyle.  I also enjoy sharing my experiences and educating others on how to save and make money using internet resources.  In my free time, when I’m not blogging, I also love baking, spending time with the kids, watching movies & TV, taking photos, traveling, and shopping of course.

Who I will Accept Giveaways and Reviews From:
Anyone!  I’m all about equality and would love to feature anything from homemade Etsy-style products to those from well-established corporations and anyone in between as long as it fits with my lifestyle.

Products I’m Qualified to Thoroughly Review:
Apparel & Accessories – While I am currently on a very successful weight-loss journey (over 50 pounds so far!) I am still a petite plus-size woman.  Being a young-adult I know the struggle of finding plus-size clothing that is fashionable and affordable and would love to review any clothing lines related to such. I also have shoulder lengh hair and enjoy trying different styles and items to use to do so.

Bakeware/Cookware and Associated Utensils – Along with writing, I am learning how to cook. I'm not the best at it right now, but it does take time.

Beauty & Hygiene – I like to keep my makeup light and natural looking, but I love trying new products and seeing what works best for my skin.  The same goes for my hair and skincare routines.

Food & Beverage Products – I have no known food allergies with no diet restrictions and love trying out new products and sharing my experiences.  I’m willing to try almost any product in this category (fresh, snack, organic, vegan, weight-loss, etc.).  I’d also be happy to review condiments, seasonings, mixes, etc. as I'm learning to cook.

Gadgets & Technology – I have no problem admitting that I’m a big geek when it comes to gadgets and technology and would totally lost without them.  I love trying anything new that I can get my hands on and learning how it works.  I love the internet and the variety of services you can find to help in your every day life from learning how to do something new, to saving time.

Health – As I stated previously, I’m constantly seeking ways to make my life healthier and more beneficial to myself and those around me, even if I still indulge now and then.
Pet Products – As was previously noted, we have 2 Jack Russel dogs, 1 cat, 1 African grey Parrot and 1 fresh water fish.

Miscellaneous - Do you have a product you’re looking to be reviewed that isn’t on the list?  Send me an email about your product and what it does and we’ll go from there.  I try to live life by a try-almost-anything-once attitude!

What You can Expect From Me:
Honesty – I will never let any form of compensation sway how I really feel about a product or service or how I represent it on my blog.  If there is something I don’t like about an item I’m reviewing, I will say as much.  On the other hand, if I absolutely love a product – I’ll say that too!

Professionalism – I take the information I supply to my readers, as well as the time they spend here, very seriously.  You can expect the same from me if you decide to sponsor an item.  Unforeseen circumstances aside, I will get your product reviewed and on my blog in a timely manner (generally 2-4 weeks based on what the product is and how it may need to be tested), as well as any needed correspondence.

Flexibility - Whether you’re looking for a short & sweet skimmable review, or one that is longer and more thorough, I’m happy to work with you.  If you sponsor a giveaway and would like extra entries correlating to your website or social media sites to further expose your brand, I can provide that as well.  If you need a product reviewed in a different time frame as stated above, we can work something out.

Dedication – If you sponsor a product for a giveaway, I will advertise the giveaway daily through Facebook and Twitter, as well as through “linkies” and any other methods time allows for.
Other Information About Giveaways & Reviews on Tiny Finger Prints:

Though I am more than happy to supply reviews only, I highly encourage you to sponsor giveaways with reviews.  Let’s be honest, with today’s economic outlook, a lot people are looking for free items, so it will naturally draw more attention to your product review and associated sites to offer something for free.
When supplying an item for review, you must be responsible for all shipping costs involved and I must be able to keep the product after the review is complete.

When supplying an item(s) for giveaways, you must be responsible for shipping and all costs involved to getting your product to the giveaway winner.  I do not wish to have any items sent to me that are meant to be given away on my blog.

My giveaways generally last for 2 weeks and I expect to have the giveaway winner(s) verified and information sent to you within 5 business days.  If this does not fit your wanted time frame, we can work something out.

If You’re Interested in Sponsoring a Giveaway and/or Review Please Send an Email to this Address(tinyfingerprints at gmail dot com) with the Following Information:

Your brand/business name, along with the name of the specific product for review/giveaway.

If you’re looking for a review, giveaway, or both.

If you are looking for a review, what type of review would you prefer?  Short and skimmable, thorough covering all aspects, or something in between?

Any images, videos, specific text, links, etc. you would like included in your review or giveaway, along with whether I am permitted to include any pictures or videos I take while reviewing your product.

If you’re sponsoring a giveaway, any mandatory (please limit to 1) or optional (please limit to 3) entries you would like to be included with the giveaway (such as liking your product on Facebook, or following your brand on Twitter).

Any other information or questions you feel are needed.


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