Saturday, July 16, 2011

Join Recyclebank for rewards and exclusive offers!

Join Recyclebank for rewards and exclusive offers!

You will see these coupons mentioned in my match-ups periodically and now you know where to get yours when the time comes!

Go HERE to get started!

Whether you pledge to use less energy, increase your at-home recycling or even just learn how you can increase the green in your home and neighborhood, we’ll reward you through grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on the brands you buy every day. This way, you reap the rewards of not only brightening your community and helping your environment, but also truly benefit from meaningful savings.

Refer - A - Friend...

Spread the word & earn, earn, earn. 
Encourage your neighbors & friends to become members. We'll hook you up with 10 Recyclebank Points for each person that joins because of you.

Other ways to earn...

You can watch videos, take quizes, learn how to be green, and take part in recycling programs to earn more points.

  • coupons (Coke products, Kashi, P&G, Aveno, plus many more
  • special discounts from companies
  • school rewards programs
  • tips to live greener
  • contests and giveaways

Learn all about this socially conscious and very rewarding site by going HERE!

(Thank you, Klippin Krazy!)


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