Friday, August 12, 2011

Sample: EcoLife Cleaner

eco life

Auto Response email I received- We have received an outstanding response to our first free sample promotion with over 2,800 request in just a few hours. unfortunately we must cut it off here. We will be giving away samples of our laundry detergent, Glass cleaner, dish-soap, oven cleaner and much more very soon. Announcements will be made via our Facebook page so we encourage you to "like" our page to receive our next promotion. Samples are always available for purchase for $2.50- $4.00 depending on the product. Thank you for your interest in Eco Life. Have a nice day
Our all purpose cleaner is non-toxic AND non- hazardous. Its an excellent spray and wipe cleaner/ degreaser. It Reduces the quantity of cleaning products by consolidating cleaner use, Never needs rinsing, is safe to use around people, pets, family and food. Adjust dilution from light spray and wipe cleaner to heavy duty degreaser. Send sample request and mailing address to


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