Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sit Down Sunday!

Their personality!

Our trip to Michigan was fun but fast. The wedding was amazing! The kids did an awesome job. We figured they'd freeze up when they saw all of the people. They didn't! Instead both of them were throwing the rose petals in the hair. Everyone was laughing and it was just a very good experience. The bride was gorgeous! 

The reception was so much fun. Watching Rachel dance with one of the junior bridesmaids all night was very entertaining. We have TONS of pictures of her twirling her dress and just enjoying herself. We definitely have a little dancer on our hands!
Ryan on the other hand didn't want anything to do with dancing. As he put it "i'll watch baby brother". He takes after my husband and I, neither of us dance.
The kids with the newlyweds!

Sunday was Rachel's birthday party/meet Reid. We didn't have very many people come over because it was short notice but the ones that did enjoyed Reid. He definitely got passed around. My 92yr old grandma absolutely loves him. She asked us all the time to take pictures with him! 

Our ride home was rather interesting. The kids were very anxious to get home to their papa. They missed him as much as he missed them. Reid on the other hand HATED the car seat this time around. Once we got in Southern Illinois we ended up having to stop every 1-2 hours to get him out and either cool off or just look around. 

Once we got home we all went to bed and a couple of hours later started my work week. Work has been crazy lately, that's why my posts are slim. I apologize for that. I'm trying to get some posts done in advance for you guys. I appreciate you guys sticking around! I promise i'll be featuring some exciting things in the coming weeks! 

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Were taking the kids to Schlitterbahn Water park today. I won tickets a couple of weeks ago in a giveaway. We took the kids in July when my sister was here and we all had a blast!! My kids are definitely dare devils :) I on the other hand am extremely afraid of heights. But i'll try and put that aside as best as I can so the kids can have fun!


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