Sunday, June 9, 2013


I know I haven't been blogging much. We've been adjusting to moving back to Michigan in December. The older two kids last day of school is this Wednesday! But most of all we've all be adjusting to this little girl...

Ryleigh Jo Ann was born May 3, 2013 via scheduled c-section due to being breech. We declined to have her re-positioned due to all the risks. We were originally told she weighed 7lbs 8oz. My whole family thought she looked much smaller. Our last day in the hospital they were getting worried because she was down below 7lbs and I was breastfeeding her constantly but she wasn't gaining. We finally came to the conclusion she was originally 6lbs 15oz when she was born. The scale had been broke. She's our smallest one!

I promise to start blogging more. I have been becoming more of a cook lately too! I've posted some recipes on here for everyone. I also plan to start writing about my breast feeding adventure and cloth diapering.

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