Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Weeks Postpartum!

This is my last weekend home with the kids. I go to my 6 week post postpartum appointment tomorrow. There's no reason she wont release me to go back to work. Now the catch is if they'll let me come back. When I went on maternity leave I didn't qualify for FMLA due to not being employed for a full year. My employer is now saying that my position may be eliminated. So, we get to deal with that. I'm on the fence if I want it to be eliminated or not. If it is, it'll give me more time to spend with the kids and be more involved with their schooling activities  If it isn't we'll have a steady income again. So I have both pros and cons for it.
Were going back up to Michigan at the end of the month! Both of my older kids (Ryan and Rachel) are in my friends wedding. Rachel's excited to get to play dress up. Ryan however, hates going to Michigan ever since he got car sick. He was excited to wear the shiny shoes when we showed him them at Men's Warehouse. This trip to Michigan is exciting because my husband is able to go. We went in June for a week so everyone could meet Reid(he was 3weeks old at the time) and Mike was unable to go because of work. Mike hasn't been to Michigan in a year. The kids and I have been a couple of times and everyone is ready to see Mike, especially his parents.

Later this week there will be a new and exciting giveaway's up :) I just have to type up the review! I'll say this, it's kid-friendly :)


  1. Hey I live in Michigan....Where abouts are you going?

  2. Amanda- I'll be going to Wayland, it's south of Grand Rapids and North of Kalamazoo. We use to live there until 2009 when we moved to crazy Kansas City. Where are you from?