Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sit Down Sunday!

The girl in the green shirt is my sister Cheryl. The lady next to me is my grandma. Then of course Mike, the kids and I.

Things in our household have been crazy. Sorry for the lack of updates and deals. I have been working a lot of 14 hour days and it's only going to be getting worse. We have construction going on at work in the kitchen. Imagine working in a kitchen in a hospital and it being split in half. It's a bit crazy. Takes you twice as long to do something. In about 5 weeks our dishwasher will be taken out and new one put it. That means we'll be getting some GOOD overtime, just in time for Christmas :) 

The kids are doing very good. Ryan is enjoying Kindergarten. The first couple of weeks he had a problem with a couple of boys hitting him and swearing at him. But with some talks with the teacher and Ryan being moved in class we fixed it. He loves school. He's very good about doing his homework. He actually wont do anything else until his homework is done.

Rachel is going to be enrolled in pre-k within the next month. She's also wanting to do dance too. She loves anything to do with dance and music. 

Reid went last week for his 2 month check up. Little bugger is 12lbs and very healthy. We actually think he's teething already. He's constantly chewing on his hands and his cheeks are getting red as if he's going to start.

Mike aka husband is moving up in the world of Wal-Mart. He's been offered a position in another department. Which lands him full time hours and a $2-$3 raise! Things are finally looking up for us!

I've almost got a method of updating my blog while i'm at work. I'm just working it out :)


  1. I'm glad things seem to be going so well for all of you, although 14 hour days are very long. That is a very cute picture of your family!